Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters




When I started on book 1 of the series, the challenge was to not only set the tone and style for what the book covers would be but to also establish a brand. There are going to be 6 books total and as the story progresses the cover color schemes will change as well as the intensity of the visual content. The brand look of the cover illustrations was to appeal to the Young Adult market, but also be something unique to stand out. There is a heavy influence on texture and the environment/settings. The use of silhouettes was for any reader to envision the characters how they imagined them, but also have enough story elements that they would go back to look at the cover as they read the book.




Client: McGannon Group LMTD.   
Skills: Illustration, Print + Editorial Design 
Role: Art Director, Designer + Illustrator



The focus of this cover was to introduce our hero’s and set the stage for the main areas that the story takes place. Hunters Key (a large mansion that serves as home base) is a dominant aspect to the story, to it had to be prominent in the cover. Then the green color tones to add hints of the supernatural and the underworld. When put together the cover art was eye catching and stunning.


The challenge to this layout was the many elements of action, villains and locations that the authors wanted to showcase on the cover art. To include so many elements, I had to think of a way to make the cover organic but still have sections to communicate elements of the story. The final result really wowed readers and fans of the series. The menacing villain, the hero’s in peril with this looming presence dominating them.


This part in the series takes a more serious and dark turn, that needed to be reflected in the cover art. By changing color schemes of red to relate to the urgency in the story. The focus on the cliff hanger situation, showing more of the town and environment that it all takes place in. While the back cover becomes more detailed as the cast of characters grow and become more complex.


While the large cliffhanger established by the previous book is explained and brought full circle, the main characters face their largest foe yet. As the cover art progressed with the subject matter of the book, the main villain is now on the cover and the characters in a key point scene is illustrated on the back.