I’m not you average run of the mill designer; in fact I am quite the opposite. I am very passionate about design and have quite a diverse background which makes me more than average. I am a multi-disciplined designer creating tasty dishes of design awesomeness for many years. And just like the fore mentioned food innuendo, ingredients have to contain many parts to be fulfilling. I am loyal, hard working, forward thinking, dedicated, highly creative, reliable and an innovative creative professional. Aged and seasoned with over 10 years of experience, which means I am top shelf quality.

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What ever the project, brief or client I know the right tools for the job. From Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects and Dream Weaver I am good with them all. Plus with all the new additions to the Creative Cloud family it gives me more to learn and love.

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I love what I do, which means I jump in and get things going. I am great at taking initiative and have become accustomed to managing multiple projects at once.

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I have high expectations of myself and the quality that I deliver. That is something that my clients have been able to count on time and time again. I have over 10 years of experience freelancing with all types of various clients, agencies, studios, start ups and businesses.

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It’s funny how hard work and coffee go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter the hours or late nights that have to bee put in to a project, I will always deliver on time. When someone is trusting me to provide a high calibre service for their investment, I am not afraid to put in the hard work.

Amazingly dedicated, efficient and creative, that’s Matt. I’ve contracted with Matt on over 200 projects. Think about it….that’s equivalent to 200 recommendations! His creative approach and attention to detail is spot on. When time is of the essence, he delivers. When out-of-the-box thinking is needed, he destroys the box. Matt is one heck of a resource and it’s a pleasure working with him.

Thomas Latiolais

Creative Director, Bizzuka, Inc.

He’s punctual, professional, and responsive to notes and critique. When commissioned to create a graphic for my animated pilot, he didn’t just respond with two or three ideas; he responded with twelve. He also asked lots of good questions about the story in order to ensure his work reflected the universe accurately. Artists like this are few and far between, and I would happily work with him again in future projects.

T.J. Fixman

Writer, Past Midnight

Matt has been my graphic designer +++ for 2 years. I put graphic designer +++ because he brings so much more than just graphic design. Matt has an incredible gift for translating my ideas that seem random and unrelated into tangible, effective, high quality marketing materials. He offers so much with his work, beyond the actual design. He is extremely dependable, creative, knowledgeable, intuitive and skilled and has a true genius for making things looks beautiful and capturing the essence of my brand. He has designed my logo, my business cards, my website, my exterior signs, my gift certificates, design elements for my book and more. I constantly get compliments on everything he has designed for my business. I highly recommend his work…he is a rare gem and I am so glad to work with him.

Dr. Samadhi Artemisa

Owner, InJoy Healthcare

Matt is an excellent designer and very creative problem solver. He works very diligently to reach a solution that will solve your communication needs and stand out in a very unique way. Matt is also a pleasure to work with!

Eric Blackmore

Art Director, Blackmore Design

Matt has been my go-to designer for many years.  He is extremely professional, organized, and meticulous when it comes to mapping out the client’s needs.  He brings exceptionally creative content to the table, while keeping the client’s goals in mind.  I have come to him with unformed ideas and mismatched examples of my work, with no clue as to how I wanted them to be implemented.  Matt worked with me through my incomprehensible ramblings, and he managed to encompass all of my work into a cohesive design that gives me room to grow my brand.  I am so proud to show my logo and branding in any networking situation, as I feel that it represents a very unique, professional, and well polished explanation of my brand.  I’d highly recommend Matt D. Smith to anyone!

Jessica Dunbar

Business Owner, JDunbar Collections

Working with Matt on my logo was fun and easy. He provides a professional service while keeping the personal touch of actually caring about your brand as if it was his own. He is easy to work with and has the eye for great graphic design. He had my final logo within the first draft of options. He took the reference I provided of logos I liked and created the perfect logo that matches not only my personality but my company brand!

Breanna Lane

Business Owner, Pieces & Bits